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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Garage Art: Ping Pong Tables

If you’ve ever been to a parade in Louisville, or are simply hanging out outside on Bardstown Road on a weekend, chances are you have probably seen the 21c Museum Hotel Red Pipped Limo or their mirrored Miata, Blind Spot – both of which were created by local painter and conceptual artist, Monica Mahoney.  When […]

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Ramp Season!

Ramps are back! Ramps, a variety of wild spring onions, are only available in the region for a few short weeks in the late April to early June period.  Our ramps, which come to us from Woodland Farm in Goshen, KY, will be popping up on our menu while they continue to spring from the […]

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She’s baaaaaaccckkkk…

Honey Lavender Lemonade House-made Honey Lavender Syrup with Fresh Lemon Juice and Club Soda Available with vodka or as a refreshing non-alcoholic soda

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