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Monday Night Ping Pong Tournaments Start June 3rd

Garage Bar Monday Night Ping Pong Tournament

Warm up your serving arm! Each Monday night throughout the summer, Garage Bar will be hosting Ping Pong Tournaments. The tables have been crying out for them and we are finally answering back with a resounding “YES!”

*** Sign-up will begin at 6:30pm with games commencing at 7pm (1 game per round to 21)

*** There will be a Singles and a Doubles bracket

*** From 6:30-8pm we will offer $1 Hudy Delight Cans to participating players

*** The winner of each bracket will win a free pizza and be crowned Ping Pong Champion of Louisville (the last part isn’t true, but you could definitely call yourself that to your friends until next Monday)!

So come down and be a part of the action or root for your favorite players. MATCH POINT!