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New cars debut for the Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle art installation

Two new muscle cars are now on display in front of Garage Bar as part of artist Jonathan Schipper’s installation, Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle.  The cars will be slowly crashing into each other at a rate of 1/8″ per hour during business hours Friday through Sunday.  To learn more about the artist and […]

Garage Art: Ping Pong Tables

If you’ve ever been to a parade in Louisville, or are simply hanging out outside on Bardstown Road on a weekend, chances are you have probably seen the 21c Museum Hotel Red Pipped Limo or their mirrored Miata, Blind Spot – both of which were created by local painter and conceptual artist, Monica Mahoney.  When […]


  Photo via Josh Merideth/OMC Josh Merideth, photographer and founder of the Original Maker’s Club, recently posted some beautiful shots from a weekend afternoon at Garage Bar in OMC’s Journal. Take a look-see.